Don’t Wait…


A friend of mine, Mark Studebaker put a post on Facebook today and it has been on my mine all afternoon. Mark made a very good observation about life and how quickly it can change. This kept popping up in my thoughts today as I enjoyed the great weather and reading the large amounts of my friends celebrating their children’s Graduations.

Many of these young adults I have known since birth, and although I’ve never have had the joy of fatherhood, I’ve come to look at some of these young adults as if I was a proud uncle (and no not the one in the basement no one mentions) there’s even one that not only graduated from NDSU in nursing but will also get married in a little over a month from now, congrats to you Fallon Meixel I’m very proud of you, your father started off  as a customer 16 years ago and quickly had become one of my best friends, I had enjoyed watching you and your brothers grow into awesome young adults. I consider the Meixels as my extended family in MN.

This is Mark’s quote for today that stands out “I’m going to live life every day like there is no tomorrow and do everything I can today” now Mark had his reason for saying this as does anyone but, what great advise for those young adults starting out in life. My mother always said life was to short and I now know just what she meant; she was trying to tell me never take life for granted it can throw you a curveball at any time or in my case a pitch at the head.

Marks little quote is like a battle cry for me, not only do I want to do all the things in life I’ve wanted to do but with Parkinson’s I realized that sooner is better. It is because of this that I have and will continue to make it my mission to bring attention to this disease in hope of finding a cure so that these young people in our lives will not have to worry about it in their life time.   

There’s no time like today, because tomorrow there may not be time!



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