Calling all “Stew’s Crew” members


We are almost to the last week before the walk, actually there’s only 9 days till the event. It’s time for a breakout of our efforts this year.

 To be honest last year was easy, the out pour of support from family, friends, Sig Ep brothers and Northwest Alumni once they found out I had Parkinson’s made it that way. Last year I had 118 individuals donate a total of $11,540.00 to me and 6 team members raise another $2,485.00 for a total of $14,025.00.

This year I set a team goal of $15,000.00 and as of tonight we are at $7,581.00 or 50% to our goal. This is how we got here, there are 17 team members this year and have raised a total of $2,265.00 so far and 92 individuals who have donated a total of $5,316.00 to me. What is great about this is of the 92 people who have donated 72 of them are new this year! Most of this is credited to my great friend Dr. Robert Paul who has hammered the phone and has brought 40 of these new people and a total of $2,120.00 to the team; I cannot begin to thank Robert enough for his help.

It’s time to get on my soap box, of the 118 individuals for last year only 20 of you have repeated in donating. I know that if I can get your help we will easily reach our goal this year.

Remember this event is for the National Parkinson Foundation Heartland Chapter which is the leading community resource for Parkinson’s disease working to improve the quality of life for people affected by Parkinson’s disease through programs, education, advocacy and research. The chapter strives to inform the community through it’s website

On another note I’ve been asked to be interview by 810 sports on Monday for their 810 Cares for KC spot to be aired at 3 that afternoon please listen in if you can.

Remember if you haven’t donated yet, what are you waiting for?

Once again with all my heart thanks, Stew

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