I am Parkinson’s

1013950_4911297782729_582543053_nThree words, just three simple words, by themselves we use them every day and they can have a million different meanings, but put them together as one statement and wow! I’ve been thinking a lot about this statement these past few months, even more as I start my fundraising for “Moving Day Kansas City” being held on June 14th at the Liberty Memorial.

For those with Parkinson’s it’s all about moving and how to keep moving. It starts with your mornings, by the time you wake up the meds that you take though out the day have worn off and you start your cycle all over, for me it’s a 30 to 45 minutes for the morning dose to kick in, some days its quicker some longer. Waking up is not easy either Parkinson’s loves to keep me up late and often though out the night. Exercise is very important and I must admit that I have not been the best at keeping up on that end. Part of my lapse in working out is the fear I have of what others at the gym think as I struggle from time to time with simple movements, I know most of this is in my head and most of my movements issues are ones that I notice from how I’ve been use to most my life and are not notice by others. But there are those three words again.

Moving Day raises money for NPF Heartland to funds their wellness and exercise programs and their support groups including their young onset group which I help run. I was asked to speak at the Moving Day kickoff event last week by Jane Ann Gorsky the executive director for NPF Heartland office; she wanted me to speak about my teams effort last year which raised the most money. Jane Ann asked me to share any ideas for new teams. Now those who know me know I’m not shy, but then again I’m not the best at speaking in front of a group. My answer for raising the most was very simple, I have the best support group of anyone, it is easy to raise money when so many care for you. Next I talked about the pressure of backing it up and doing it again, I told them about my plans to get younger people involved and the cookout and wine party I have after the walk. As I drove home from this event there on my mind were those three words again.

As I sit out on my deck Friday night enjoying a cigar and a glass (or four) of wine I thought long and hard about those three words. Then I thought of something I’ve said before, “I have Parkinson’s, Parkinson’s doesn’t have me!” then it I thought of something everyone including myself as said at one point in their life, “There but for the grace of God goes I” then it dawned on me, it is God’s plan that I have Parkinson’s and his will that I use it to raise awareness to help others with this dreadful disease it has become my goal to do anything I can to help. For those three words are me, “I am Parkinson’s”



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