What’s Your Cause?

Do you have a favorite cause that you’re active in raising awareness to? How often do promote your cause? I had someone ask me these questions the other day. I told her a few hours each week I guess.
After spending time thinking about my answer for a few days I came to realize that I wasn’t spending just a few hours each week, I was spending much more time than that! You see I don’t just spend time each spring asking my friends to donate to “Moving Day”. I also spend many hours each summer promoting my fall Gravel Bike Event “The Parkinson’s Heartland Shaken not Stirred 100/50K”.
I then started thinking about how many times I get asked how I’m doing from friends that know of my condition, and I notice that I know spend more time telling them just how I’m doing, the answer use to be short, I’m doing great I’d say, but that’s not the truth anymore, it’s been 9 years 304 days since I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and the last year has been the hardest. I find my movements slower (Bradykinesia), Muscle rigidity, Resting tremors, Bad handwriting, Speech issues and my Dyskinesia (induced by my medication) all have gotten worse the last 12 months.
I’m taking step to move the needle back to the good side by getting more involved with the programs like the ones that “Moving Day” helps support.

As I was starting to write this tonight I looked down at the band I wear on my wrist, you see it’s not just a band. It’s an awareness band. A awareness band for Parkinson’s. I put this on the week before my first Moving Day Walk and have not ever taken it off since, that’s 6 years ago, it’s showing some age but like me it’s still going strong and helping me promoting my cause, Parkinson’s awareness 24/7.
Once again I could not do this without your support , so no matter how much please give, trust me you do make a difference.
Thanks Stew




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