Being #1

Why is being #1 so important to us? Is it the recognition you get? Is it having bragging rights? Is it something you need to feed your ego? Is it something you crave? Is it the pride that comes with reaching #1? Is it the satisfaction that all your hard work has paid off? Is it the fear of failure that you might feel not being #1? Once you get there you feel everyone is gunning for you. You have to find a way to stay on top. You need motivation to not let it get away from you.
By now most of you who know me probably think I’m writing this about my beloved Bearcats football team, well you would be wrong. This is about my “Moving Day” team “Stew’s Crew”. We have been the top team in Kansas City since we started three years ago, that is three straight years of being #1, and raising almost $50,000 in the process.

Why is being #1 important to me? It’s not the recognition, that belongs to my team members that dig deep into their pocket and donate. Bragging rights, the only thing I like to brag about is all the amazing friends I have that support me! Feeding my ego, nope that has been checked at the door by the amount of people that have join “Stew’s Crew”, you really don’t know just how many friends you have till they are needed.

My pride is not reaching #1, its doing all I can to help others with this terrible disease. Now there is satisfaction of knowing that you’re helping others with the amount being raised. I don’t have any fear of not being #1, I have a fear of not raising as much as I can to help others. Each year I hear about how we are the team to beat and others are gunning for us, I think this is great and would not be disappointed if we are topped, that only means we raised the bar and have helped other teams raise more. Getting motivation? All I have to do is look in the mirror each morning and see the effects that Parkinson’s has on me and that give me all he motivation I need to do all I can so Parkinson’s will not have this effect on others.

Now being #1 does has it advantage, its means that “Stew’s Crew” has done all it can to help, and trust me there is no better feeling than that!

As of today there are 33 days left and Moving Day Kansas City has raised $106,598 of the $125,000 goal. “Stew’s Crew” has raised $5,215 (in 3rd place)of our $25,000 goal, as I see it if we can get to our goal we will be the team to get Kansas City over the top of their goal.


You can donate to me at this link.

Or you can go to this link and join “Stew’s Crew” as a team member so your friends can donate to you. If you notice team members Brad Neuberger and Robert Paul are also in the top 10 walkers.

Either way all donations go to the team!

Thanks Stew


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