Unwrapping Memories

Merry Christmas everyone! As I sit here just having watching the original “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” I can’t believe how many holiday memories came flooding back into my mind.

There always the ride from Cameron over to my Grandparents farm in Marceline MO, honestly it was just like the song “Over the river and through the woods” we would always take the back way to the farm which actually cross a small creek and through the wooded county side.


My Grandparents Farm

Next was always the anticipation as we waited for my Aunt Kate driving up from KC to arrive? I sure it was a joy (not) as since my grandparents farm sat on top of a hill we could see the cars headlights from two miles away as they came out of town on highway JJ, I sure it got old as 4 kids screamed out “its aunt Kate!, its aunt Kate!” at the first 10 cars before it was hers.

Christmas dinner was the best, my grandparent’s farm provided all the food prepared, grandma would slave for hours to prepare and mom made sure we got there early so she could help. I’ll never forget the way the home smelled from the cooking and baking. Because of the size of the farm house we always had to set up the children table in the front room, I’m calling it at table but it was really the old folding card table my grandma used to play Canasta with her friends on. I was always doomed to eat at the kids table even as a young adult because of my place by age. Now I know most families would open their gifts Christmas morning, but not us we always open them right after our Christmas dinner.

Xmas With Gerg 1964

My Brother Greg with me and Grandpa playing Santa

For years I thought that it was because of us kids not wanting to wait till morning, but my mom once told me it was all because Paw (my grandfather) could not wait till morning to see our joy as we ripped open packages that took hours to wrap in less than 10 minutes! Not wanting to spoil the surprise we always had more gifts under the tree form Santa in the morning.

After the carnage of the gifts and the trying on of the Christmas gifted clothes we would all get dressed up on off to Midnight Mass, now I know Midnight Mass was just a little longer than the usual, but as a kid it might as well been an hour more. Who had time for mass with all those new toys, the GI Joe’s, Etch A Sketch, Mouse Trap, Lincoln Logs, Match Box Cars, The game of Cooties, your first BB Gun, you know the ones with all the small safe parts that need to be played with?


Clockwise from me in the center(look at those locks) my Aunt Kate and cousin John, Greg, Grandpa, Grandma, Lori, Julie and Mom

I’m sure you all have great memories of your past Christmas, it doesn’t have to be years ago, it could be something special that happen last year. Many of my friends are making new one with their own grandchildren now, wow where did the time go? All I know is it’s not gone; all you have to do is unwrap it!

One of my favorite ornaments and my home

Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!!



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