A Moving Experience

I wish to thank all those that made time to wish me a happy birthday last week and thanks to all those that came to my wine party to celebrate with me.

Now for this week’s experience, Arrow Truck Sales for who I have worked for 17 years now has a “Diversity Week” in which they set up difference event during the week for our employees to have a chance to experience different cultures, food and experiences that they may not be familiar with. I saw this as a perfect opportunity to let all my colleges experience firsthand just what I go through each and every day. The National Parkinson Foundation Heartland has just the thing I needed for this, “The KCP&L Bernie Beaudoin Moving Experience” a hands-on group of activities designed to simulate the everyday challenges of functioning with Parkinson’s Disease.”

I must admit I have known about this educational tool for a couple of years but until last week I have never checked it out, I guess since I had to experience Parkinson’s each and every day I felt that I didn’t need to, or for that matter want to! You see I know that I have Parkinson’s and I do not want to see anything that will remind me of what I have in store for me in the future. My progression in this dreadful disease is not as aggressive as in others, and I plan on using this to keep getting the word out and raise funds to help those in more need than me.


I had mixed feelings about watching my co-workers get the experiences that I go through each day, I wondered, would they look at me different? Would they pity me? Wondering how they would react weighed heavy on my mind. After seeing the reactions of my co-workers as they went through the different experiences of Parkinson’s and their questions on which ones affected me open my eyes to the fact that they would not pity me, but instead show more support in my fight against Parkinson’s and that I need to use all tools available to me to educate all those that I can about Parkinson’s and it’s effect on not only those who have Parkinson’s but also those who have love one with Parkinson’s.


I want to thank Jane Ann and Brian from the Parkinson Foundation Heartland for coming out and putting on this event and Audra from work for setting it up. If anyone gets the chance to do “The KCP&L Bernie Beaudoin Moving Experience” I highly recommend it.

Thanks, Stew


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