My Triple “L” aka Living Life List

Many people have their so called “Bucket List” of things they want to do before they leave this world or as their list title refers to, “Kick the Bucket”. The common theory is that the idiom refers to hanging, either as a method of execution or suicide. However, its earliest appearance is in the Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue (1785), where it is defined as ‘to die’. Now for one, I don’t plan on either getting hanged or hanging myself anytime in the future. Knowing that I will die as some point I feel that if you have a bucket list then once you get to the end of it then what? Do you hop in the car and head on down to Poland-Thompson and get fitted for that casket?

I know that you can always ad to you bucket list, but I prefer to take a more positive approach to it and call mine the “Living Life List” and I have some items on mine such as these,

Visit all 50 states (I’m six short)

Visit the Isle of Arran Scotland home of my ancestors

Make a difference in someone’s life

Visit the south pacific

Sky Dive

Scuba Dive

Watch the sun rise from the top of a mountain (Tried at Philmont but it was over casted)

Fall in love for the last time

(Oh and) Beat Parkinson’s

Now these are just some of the major ones on my list, and here’s the beauty of a Living Life List, it can change each and every day! You can spend the day on the lake with friends in MN and watched the perfect sunset, now this may not have been planned for that day or you may have done it before, yet each time you repeat it will be special on its own. Each day I wake up wondering what Living Life event might happen this day. It may be a planned out big ticket item or it may just be something simple such as beating my bike ride time or making a stranger smile.


There are many things on my list, but I know that for each one I want to do there are 10 more that will just happen at any time and make my day, and hopefully someone else’s day. Whatever you call your list the point is to live your life to the fullest, time speeds up as you get older, when you are 12 summer in 1/12 of your life at my age it’s now 1/53, now I know time is not really spending up but, trust me if you slow down and enjoy life it will last longer.



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