This is not a good cat!

I remember my first visit with Kitt the cat to the vet 16 years ago, as the doc examine him he pointed out that his skull have a ridge from being fractured before, his bone structure was not good, he had fleas, ear mites, and probably worms, all this was wrong with this little feral kitten that somehow had made its way into my mom’s flower bed and nested down. You see my mom just knew as she showed me this little flea infested feral kitten that as a new home owner I would take him in.

As the vet gave me the pills, drops and medicine it would take to give this kitten a chance he made this comment, “This is not a good cat!”
This is not a good cat, these words which were starting to make my vet a prophet, as I watched my new house guest preferred to crap in my house plant pots over his new litter box, his habit of digging in the future house plant crap boxes. He loved to dig out 2/3rd of his food to get to his dinner. He had to have fresh water even if the dished was just filled an hour before, yet he would drink out of anything outside! Kitt also didn’t have the typical meow, his was just very low Mummer, and you could hardly hear him. He also had the habit of not wanting to be in the same room with me. When you played with him he was more than happy to show you his claws and just how much blood he could draw (which lead to him being the only cat I’ve had declawed) from his handy work. He could escape any collar made and made sure I always had to have an extra one in stock. He loved starting fights with the other cats in the neighborhood although he was under weight and had no front claws.
Even with his faults Kitt had his good side also, he loved to curl up on my shoulder as a kitten to sleep, He like to sit on the corner of my desk as I would write my blogs or posted on FB, Kitt was not your typical cat and I had grown to love that about him, he was as independent as they came yet, he would always find some way to show me he was mine. As he got older he started to like to rest on my belly as we watched TV, although most of the time he had his ass in my face. He would always make me come to the door and call him inside for the night twice, never coming on the first time even if I could see him. He love to sit on my luggage as I would try to pack for a trip. His favorite spot outside was curled up in my flowers beds blending into the background, I cannot but help think of that day I got him from my mom’s flower bed.

This has been hard for me to write, you see Kitt’s health has been declining for the past month and today I had to make the difficult decision to let him go, I know he is in a better place and feels no more pain. The vet was right Kitt was not a good cat! He was a great cat!


2 thoughts on “This is not a good cat!

  1. Damian Valline Bridges says:

    Brian, I am so sorry to hear about Kitt! I am afraid one day, I may have to make that difficult decision about Nicki, but for now, thankfully, he is doing ok! They are our babies and it is hard to loss a member of your family, as such they are! Remember him always, as he will always live on in your heart! ❤️

  2. Linda Stone says:

    Brian, thank you for sharing about Kitt. Our little miracle kitty who suffered from feline leukemia went to heaven yesterday; peacefully at 8 years old. We were able to give him a great life and enjoy him each day, but this time he just could not recover from his last episode.
    Linda Stone

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