My Friend Lee

This is not the subject I wanted my first blog to be about, but God had other plans for it. This last weekend we lost a great person, father, NW fan and mostly a great friend. Lee was known for his sense of humor, his loyalty to NW, his devoted friendship to his friends, but most of all his passion for taking photos of his friends. If you are on Facebook and knew Lee or one of his friends chances are you have one of his photos on you page. His photos ranged for parties, gatherings, sporting event, if you had Lee at any of your life events I’m betting that the next time you saw him he handed you photos of it, and most times he got a shot that you didn’t even knew he took.

I’ve gotten to know Lee over the last 12 years and yet Lee was also a man of mystery, as we gathered last Thursday eve after his visitation we all had our Lee stories and it became clear that although you thought you knew him each of us had things in our stories that only we would know. I actually stated that we were going find out that Lee was a Chuck Barris clone and worked as a hit man for the CIA. Now I’m pretty sure that’s not true, I think that it was just his way of making each of his friendships special and sharing only certain things with each of us.

Some of my most prized photos of my friends were taken by Lee yet as much as he loved taking photos he disliked being in them, we put tighter this montage of photos of Lee for his Life Celebration Party we had at the Quaff last Friday and I only had a few, I had to search all of his friends FB pages to get enough to make it. I picture Lee above taking photos of us as we gather and reminisce about him, he would love the group shots he’s getting but hate the attention, that wasn’t his style.


God Speed Lee, your Soul and Spirit will always be with me, I’ll never forget your friendship.



One thought on “My Friend Lee

  1. Ann says:

    Well said. We all felt really close to him and loved him, but knew we did not really know him. He shared a different piece with all of us and kept some for himself. Your collage is as good as the puzzle will get. Now we just have to miss him and love our memories. Ann

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